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Pink Pirate Customs - Terms & Agreements

Thank you for your interest in our custom tumblers and gifts!

Ready To Ship -

Most items are NOT Ready to Ship, they are made custom, any Ready to ship, will say so specifically.  There can be no changes or alterations to premade, ready to ship items, unless specified in their description.  If no alterations are being made, they will be shipped in 3-5 Business days.  Any changes will delay shipping, because of additional production time needed.  Once completed you will be notified of shipping date.  

Custom Orders -

Turnaround times vary from 6-8 weeks depending on a few factors- current number of orders, if your item is in stock and the design you choose. For cups and tumblers, epoxy can be very unforgiving and any flaw could result in starting over from scratch (this doesn’t happen often, but can happen).

Your order will not be started until payment is made in full. Not all sizes/styles are kept in stock, 99% of orders are completely custom, which makes them hard to resell if you decide you no longer want them.

Once your order and payment have been received, you have 24 hours to make any changes, after that a change order fee will be applied. Price of change will be based on the changes required. Any changes will also result in a delay of completion and delivery of your item. If additional items are added after an order is started, they go to the end of the line, behind any previously received orders. We can combine original order with new one, but it will delay the shipping of the first order, until other items are completed. New items are NOT sped up, to go out with the first order.

Photos will be sent of final product, prior to shipping. Once approval is received, all sales are FINAL. No returns, exchanges or refunds. EXCEPTION- If there is a mistake, ON OUR PART, it will be corrected ONCE THE ITEM IS RETURNED. We want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your item. You will have options of colors, fonts, designs etc., unless it is a remake of a cup design we already have.

Unless previously discussed for a holiday or event – we do not guarantee a set deadline or date. It is exciting and you want your item quickly, but unfortunately custom designs take time and epoxy takes a decent amount of curing time for each layer (along with all the other processes it goes through). Keep in mind this is basically a one/two man show. All items are made by hand and we usually have 10-20 orders at once.

We are not responsible for lost/stolen packages, or delayed shipping. All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail - Tracking and $50 insurance are included in shipping and handling. Additional insurance may be purchased for additional fees. Once shipped, USPS is responsible for delivery and delays. Any damages during shipping will be filed with USPS and we WILL NOT be responsible for.

Due to the nature of epoxy - yellowing over time due to UV exposure can happen. We are not responsible for yellowing. We use high quality UV epoxy to help prevent this as much as possible.

DISCLAIMER – Glitter happens! If you are ordering any non-glittered items - there may be a few tiny pieces of glitter included for free! We try as hard as humanly possible to keep glitter away from any non glittered orders, but it’s almost virtually impossible. We work with so much glitter in our work space, that non glittered items may end up with a few pieces of glitter. They are hardly noticeable but want to let you know this may happen.

Since items are made by hand, they are all 100% unique and there also may be minor imperfections.

You agree to follow the instructions on the enclosed care cards. For tumblers/cups -Do not soak, dishwash, microwave, leave in extreme heat, leave in extreme cold, drop or slam your cup. Handle with care! Although epoxy is very durable if you drop, slam down, or are too rough with your cup you can lift the seal, or crack the epoxy.

We are a SMOKE FREE home!  However, occasionally a stray hair (from myself or one of my furry friends) may sneak into a box. We do our best to prevent this, but we are a PET FRIENDLY home and apologize if this happens.  

**SOCIAL MEDIA - We own the rights to all designs we create. Any replication of our designs is prohibited. Photos, videos or any likeness of all items we create can/will be used on our social media to promote further orders.

Submission of your payment acts as acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms! Thank you!!!